Elena's first novel

The Gene Thief 

A murder in the Forbidden City leads to the discovery of the mystery behind the creation of the Chinese Terracotta Army and reveals the secret to human immortality.

Set in London and China and intertwined with true historical events, THE GENE THIEF is a psychological thriller which explores the themes of age, the fear of getting old and the quest for eternal youth.


The secret has been carefully protected for hundreds of years, the clues hidden in sculpture and art scattered around the world. Now someone has begun to put them together. The future of humanity and the world's most precious treasure depend on a young art consultant being able to solve the riddle first.

Daniel Grey is not perfect - he is quarter French, an inch shorter than most girls, and prefers Scrabble to football. While on vacation in China, Daniel gets a call from his boss asking him for a small favour - to pick up confidential materials from Daniel’s colleague and good friend, Katherine Stone, who has been working in China on the excavation of the terracotta warriors. When Daniel stops by Kate's house he discovers that Kate has disappeared, the materials are missing, and that he has become the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Trying to clear his name of murder charges and find his friend, Daniel contacts other members of Kate's team and starts to piece together scarce clues. Kate’s disappearance seems to be connected to her recent discovery that the terracotta warriors may hold the key to the long lost secret of eternal youth. However, the ancient secret is protected by invisible but vicious forces. The closer Daniel gets to the truth, the deadlier these forces become and, one by one, the members of Katherine’s team fall victims to a merciless murderer.

Will Daniel find the answer in time to save Kate and does she need to be saved? Will he be able to uncover the ancient secret of immortality? And most importantly, once the gift of immortality is offered - how does one go about accepting it?